Thursday, January 28, 2016


Fully Relying On God - A good friend of mine shared this with me a few months ago when she shared some bookmarkers with my class to color that had a picture of a frog on them with “F.R.O.G.” written at the top. 

This sounds so easy to do when life is going smooth….everyone’s healthy, bank account is full, and life, as we know it in those times, are just GOOD.  But what about when there’s an upset in your world?  When your day-to-day has taken a complete turn for, what seems to be, the worse?  Can you F.R.O.G. then?

 In August of 2015, my, (then), 15 year old son decided that he wanted to live with his dad and stepmom for his last 3 years of high school.  There was NO notice, and there were NO warnings with this announcement.  Just BAM!  Without saying anything degrading about this household he decided to live in, let me just say that it is SO night-and-day different from what my son has lived in for the last 12 years. 

 I’ve gone through every emotion I can possibly think of.  In all honesty, it has felt like, somewhat, a death.  Now, I CAN give glory to God that in spite of his living arrangements, my son IS still, for the most part, faithful to church.  In fact, he has us pick him up, even, on the weekends that are not my weekends.  Yes, I know…it is GREAT that he’s still faithful to the house of God.  However, as his mother, (1) it’s so hard to not have ANY control over what he watches, listens to, and does on a day-to-day-basis, and (2) I just miss him being HERE, at HOME with us.  There was even a time when I could just feel depression trying to completely overtake my being.  I HAD to snap out of it!!  I’ve got a wonderful husband and sweet 7-year-old daughter who didn’t, (and still don’t), deserve my neglect because of a “premature” decision. 

 F.R.O.G. or TRUST Him…that’s what I’ve learned to do more in these last 5 months than in my whole 42 years of life.  Has it been easy?  NOOOOOO!!!!  However, I was reminded, in a sermon last night, that when we don’t trust God, or when we are fearful, or when we WOO-RRRRY, that we are really sinning against Him.  We think that the situation is too big for Him to handle.  Or that He won’t handle it.  OR that He won’t handle it in a way that WE want. 

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”  Romans 8:28

Isn’t that the truth???  I needed to learn to F.R.O.G. or trust Him more with COMPLETELY UNCONTROLLABLE situations in my life, and what better way to do that than by putting me in a COMPLETELY UNCONTROLLABLE situation? 

 As Lauren Daigle says:

“When You don’t move the mountains I needed You to move, when You don’t part the waters, I wish I could walk through, when You don’t give the answer as I cry out to You, I WILL TRUST, I WILL TRUST, I WILL TRUST IN YOU!”



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